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Lumberjocks 2010 Winter woodworking contest

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2010 Winter Contest

2010 Winter Contest

The LumberJocks’ Woodworking Awards Winter 2010 is just a month away. I know you have been waiting for a sneak preview of what is coming. This year we are focusing on just one category. The goal is to highlight the creativity of all of our members (regardless of skill level) through the use of materials that are available to all woodworkers. And here it is – what you all have been waiting for:

* “Yin Yang”: the dark and the light.
Where would one be without the other?
Create a project that uses colour (dark and light wood, stains, etc) to convey how contrasts work together to make the whole.
When you post your project describe the Yin Yang effect that you created.

Our Awards events are not just about finding the best of the best but they are also an opportunity for members to challenge themselves to go beyond their comfort zones and current level of abilities. It is also a time to participate in a group event. So, even if you think that you don’t have a chance at winning the awards we do encourage you to take up the personal challenge to enter this yearly event! In the end it is fascinating to see how different woodworkers interpreted the category topic. We usually see about 50-60 entries. This year, I put the challenge out there to have 100 entries. (Won’t that be fun to judge!!!) I hope to see your project in the list of entries! Good luck everyone.

The official announcement is here in Martin’s blog. Let us know how excited you are about this event!

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