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Well here it is July, already.

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Hey everybody,

I hope everyone had a great 4th, and you are all going to show up for work with all your fingers tomorrow.

And having just gotten back from a great, much needed relaxing vacation with the whole family at a log cabin style home in Holmes County, Ohio right in the center of Amish Country.

I have had time to reflect upon the past and the future with regards to work and may be a little bit about life. The last six to eight months have been bad, very little work, no work=no money, no money = … well it equals having to make tough decisions about what bills get paid and which do not, and when there is not enough to pay all the bills that makes for a lot of stress. Stress is not good and luckily I have a good Family around me and plenty of support so it is not as bad as it could be. I truly do feel for those that don’t have the support I do. I am generally a glass is half full kind of guy and that attitude has served me well for the last 55 years and I plan on continuing with that attitude.

The grind of day to day life can wear thin at times and that was the point I and my lovely wife Gail were at prior to vacation. I look forward to the future with renewed hope and a fully charged battery ready to “GET ER DUN!”

Speaking of the wife, July 03 was our 25th wedding anniversary. (My oh my, how the time flies) It is hard to believe she has put up with all my crap and being a carpenter’s wife for all this time. Honey I love you!

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