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The Christmas Table

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The Christmas Table – Part One

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The Christmas Table part two

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The Workbench part 2

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At the very end is a short segment of sharpening a chisel with an oil stone, this is my preferred way to sharpen my chisels and plane irons and I offer showing it only to continue the controversy in the woodworking world as to which method of sharpening is best.

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The Workbench part 1

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There are no drawings for the bench, I have an idea in my mind of what I want to build

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This is a promo for an upcoming series THE FOOTSTOOL

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In this video I will be discussing how to carve the claw on the stool leg. How I lay out the claw and the tools and techniques used. My philosophy of wood working, methods of work and learning in general come out in an easygoing conversational style format with lots of good quality close-up video. […]

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The FootStool turning of the leg

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THE FOOTSTOOL The turning of the leg In this very exciting video I will be turning the legs for my Christmas Project. You could complete this project in a short amount of time using left over and salvaged pieces of wood. I will show a turning technique I discovered one day while experimenting on the […]

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