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The Workbench part 2

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At the very end is a short segment of sharpening a chisel with an oil stone, this is my preferred way to sharpen my chisels and plane irons and I offer showing it only to continue the controversy in the woodworking world as to which method of sharpening is best.

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Crown Molding – A Beautiful Touch

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A winter or two ago work was kind of slow so I put some extra crown molding in the sitting room off of our bedroom. It’s still is not painted and may never be, but it looks good.

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Handicap Bathroom Vanity Install Part 2

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The Vanity is being used.

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One Table or Three

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I had a client who bought a High end coffee table.($2750.00), turned out to be to big for the room. She loved the table but it just would not fit in the room and there was nowhere else to put it(the house was already packed, down sized from a bigger house). She asked ” Could […]

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