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The Workbench part 1

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The workbench

These videos detail the building of a heavy duty woodworking bench. The bench is often considered a watermark in a woodworker’s career, testing skills to blend form and function. All is revealed, along with my thoughts on the hows and whys I did what I did.

The captured video is in raw form, without editing, in real time. My hope is that you may see me do something while constructing the bench that might help you build yours, but might have been edited out as being unimportant. The video is not meant to be strictly instructional but more of a visit to a friend or mentor’s shop. While I make no claims of being a master woodworker, I do have 25plus years of experience being a carpenter and cabinet maker and would like to share what I have learned. The learning never ends and I am always seeking a better way to do things, join me on my journey.


There are no drawings for the bench, I have an idea in my mind of what I want to build, and the available materials will ultimately dictate what is produced. I sometimes like to build something with materials that I have, as opposed to buying what is needed. This is fun for me, the challenge, is bringing into balance what I want to build with what I can build. Many times this kind of project causes me to be creative, pushing the boundaries and causing a great deal of thinking, which is a good thing. And if I can clean up a pile of material and build something, so much the better.

That was the case with this workbench, using salvaged materials from a remodeling project is the starting point. I discuss preparing the used materials for the project and finish with using a lathe to turn some massive, yet elegant legs.


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