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A Couple Good Projects

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Handicap cabinet raw pt2_0004 There have been a couple of good projects lately. The handicap vanity and a rather large kitchen pantry cabinet that I have video of and am in the process of making into a podcast. There was a custom book shelfKoch wall bookcase_0008Koch wall bookcase_0006 and a couple of other projects that just never made it to tape.

The work I have lined up has more to do with home repair and home remodeling, some two piece crown molding and wainscoting in an older farm house, door replacement, window replacement and some sub-floor repair and pre-finished hardwood floor installation. I am not sure if I will be able to make a podcast of these jobs but maybe, some shorts on the subjects.

So it looks like I will have enough work to make the mortgage payment for another month and I never know who is going to call with what kind of project. I look forward to the future with a confidence that it will all work out! And a hope that this Christmas is better than last!

Chips and Shavings,

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