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Well here it is July, already.

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Hey everybody, I hope everyone had a great 4th, and you are all going to show up for work with all your fingers tomorrow. And having just gotten back from a great, much needed relaxing vacation with the whole family at a log cabin style home in Holmes County, Ohio right in the center of […]

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Harry Potter is back!

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The Handy Goddess

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I feel like a complete woman now!

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Stair stringers How to start building a set of stairs

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[ ?posts_id=2263948&dest=-1] Just a short video about building a set of stairs. Leave questions or Email me

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Crown Molding – A Beautiful Touch

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A winter or two ago work was kind of slow so I put some extra crown molding in the sitting room off of our bedroom. It’s still is not painted and may never be, but it looks good.

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Handicap Bathroom Vanity Install Part 2

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The Vanity is being used.

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Planer tune-up help!

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I was getting ready to change my knives and check tolerances on my Delta/Invicta/Rockwell heavy duty 13 inch planer, model #22-650, serial #20007. Maufactured in 9-86 this was a turbulent time for Delta/Rockwell/Porter-Cable, they could not seem to figure out who was the mother company and who the siblings were. They were also starting to […]

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One Table or Three

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I had a client who bought a High end coffee table.($2750.00), turned out to be to big for the room. She loved the table but it just would not fit in the room and there was nowhere else to put it(the house was already packed, down sized from a bigger house). She asked ” Could […]

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Handicap Bathroom Vanity

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I just finished up this project and am very happy to have been able to help out this girl. Contact me with comments or questions.

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This is a promo for an upcoming series THE FOOTSTOOL

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In this video I will be discussing how to carve the claw on the stool leg. How I lay out the claw and the tools and techniques used. My philosophy of wood working, methods of work and learning in general come out in an easygoing conversational style format with lots of good quality close-up video. […]

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